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WMA Joiner for Mac

How to combine WMA segments into a big file easily with our WMA joiner for Mac

It is a breeze to use this WMA joiner for Mac with its intuitive interface, high joining speed and wonderful video/audio quality plus some other great functions.
With only five steps about Mac wma joiner, you can finish the whole joining process and enjoy the big file without any interruptions.
1.Download and install Mac WMA joiner for free.
Run the Mac wma joiner and the main interface will display.

Screenshot of WMA joiner for Mac

2.Import WMA files by "Add File".
Additionally, you can delete or remove unneeded file with "Remove File" or "Remove All" button on audio joining software.
Tip: the number of input files are not limited, you can import as many as you like to the wma joiner.
3.Rearrange WMA files in a new order as you need, by moving up/down or moving to top/bottom on our wma joiner for Mac.
In addition, you can play them prior to merging.
4.Press "Start", then a panel with parameters will pop up for you to select profile settings.
For further details, you can refer to "advance" on our joining wma for Mac.

5.If all steps above are completed, you need to choose directory to save output file. Then you can tick "Ok" on the joiner Mac to merge them.
With several minutes, the whole process is finished by the audio joiner Mac. You can choose to open the folder to find the joined file or directly play it, delete the source file, or close the panel.