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RM Joiner for Mac

How to join RM files by RM joiner for Mac?

RM joiner for Mac is a fabulous video joiner software especially developed for Mac users. It provides a better solution to merge multiple RM files to one large "non-stop" file.
Besides high video joining speed, the output files from rm Mac joiner has no quality lost. Since marketed, our RM joiner for Mac has been the first choice for most Mac users who need to combine a series small RM clip.

Screenshot of RM joiner for Mac

The below is a step-by-step tutorial which tells you how to join RM files to a complete file.
Step 1. Add video files
Press to add your RM files to the movie joiner software for Mac, you can remove unwanted file by or clear the list by .
If you have finished choosing files, then you can press to merge them with the Mac rm joiner.
Step 2. Select output settings
Before the software start merging process, a setting panel about our movie joiner on Mac will be displayed as below.

Select the output format and customize the profile settings on Mac joiner.For more detailed profile parameters, click Advance.
Then tick "OK", the program will start joining RM files.
Step 3. Get your joined file
After pressing OK, the Mac joiner will show you a panel to select destination folder of output file.
In a few minutes, you can open the folder to find the joined video file or directly play it, delete the source file, or close the panel on Mac OS.