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RA Joiner for Mac
RA joiner for Mac is dedicated movie joiner for RA files. It can combine a series of RA files with unlimited number into one large "non-stop" file in a few minutes.
RealAudio is a proprietary audio format that uses a variety of audio codecs, ranging from low-bitrate formats that can be used over dialup modems, to high-fidelity formats for music. It can also be used as a streaming audio format, which means it is played at the same time as it is downloaded. RealAudio was heavily used by the BBC websites.
Besides its high movie joining speed and simple interface, our Mac RA joiner also allows you get your ideal RA files through adjusting profile parameters such as codec, sample rate and channel.

Screen shot of RA joiner for Mac

The following passage will share with you how to get your desired single RA file with only several steps with our ra joiner Mac.
1.Free download and install
Before start joining ra files, you need to download this movie joiner software on Mac(The unregister users can enjoy 30-days version for trial.) and install it.
2.Add RA files
Press "Add" button to select RA files to the joiner Mac software. You can import RA files as many as you need.
Tips: you can also delete or clear some needless files by relevant buttons.
3.Merge RA segments
Before merging process, you can choose to adjust profile parameters to get ideal video/audio quality or just use default parameters on the ra movie joiner.
Press "OK", the ra Mac joiner software will start joining files.
After several minutes, you can enjoy the big non-stop RA file without any interruption.