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MPEG Joiner for Mac
MPEG Joiner for Mac is an exclusive video-joining Mac software for joining a range of MPEG files to a large complete one. This program is popular because of the mpeg joiner's high joining speed and good video quality. Besides, the Mac video joiner offers a few various options about profile parameters such as codes, frame rate, frame size, sample rate, sample size, channel to enable you to get your desired video quality. Additionally, the detailed information about input files also can be accessed to by our Mac mpeg joiner. The below are some instructions about how to use our video joiner software for Mac to join mpeg clips into a whole one without interruption.

Screenshot of MPEG joiner for Mac

1.Free download
Before start joining mpeg files, you need to download this mpeg joinersoftware on Mac.
2.Install and add MPEG files
Follow instructions and install the software for Mac. Then press "Add" button to select MPEG files.
Tips: you can delete or clear by relevant buttons.
3.Merge MPEG segments
Before merging process, you can adjust profile parameters to get ideal video/audio quality.
Press "OK", the Mac mpeg joiner will start joining files.
After several minutes, you can enjoy the big non-stop MPEG file without any interruption.