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MPEG2 Joiner for Mac
MPEG2 joiner for Mac can be used to join various MPEG2 files to a large non-stop file.
MPEG-2 provides a standard for "the generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information". It describes a combination of lossy video compression and lossy audio data compression methods that permit storage and transmission of movies using currently available storage media and transmission bandwidth. In addition, an MPEG-2 player can handle MPEG-1 data as well.
This powerful Mac MPEG2 joiner has a easy-to-use interface, which make it possible for anyone to use our movie joiner without any step-by step guide or special training. The following description of some cool features about our video software Mac will let you know more about it.
Interface of MPEG2 joiner for Mac
Key functions of MPEG2 Joiner for Mac
Merge a series MPEG2 segments into a big video file.

Line up input movie files with function buttons efficiently on Mac OS.
Key features of MPEG2 Joiner Mac
1.With his powerful MPEG2 movie joiner, you can join unlimited MPEG2 files efficiently.
2.Press "Play" button, your input file chosen on the mpeg2 joiner can be played in the suitable software selected from your computer.
3.Profile parameters of output files from our Mac video joiner can be assigned automatically or adjusted manually. At the same time, the name and output path can be easily modified with the movie joiner. 

4.Multiple options of video size, frame rate and sample rate allow you to get perfect video and audio quality. In addition, customized frame size is also available by the video software Mac.
5.This software works perfect under Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6).