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MKV Joiner for Mac
A better solution for video-joining software
MKV Joiner for Mac is created to merge small different MKV segments into one large "non-stop" file. You don't have to bother to click "play " again and again. The converted movie file has not quality loss.
MKV, as a new video and audio container format similar to AVI, is one of compression formats, but it features with several functions like support for OGG audio and variable frame-rate Video. At the same time, it is an open standards project. This means for personal use it is absolutely free to use and that the technical specifications describing the bit stream are open to everybody, even to companies that would like to support MKV in their products. Want to try this terrific exclusive MKV Mac joiner? Download for the Mac MKV joiner free right now.
Interface of MKV joiner for Mac
Step-by-step Guide
Firstly, you need to download and install Mac MKV joiner, the main interface will display.
Secondly, you can drag and drop MKV files as many as you like to the MKV MAC joiner. Additionally, you can delete or remove unneeded files with "Delete" or "Remove" button on the movie joiner.
Thirdly, it is time to adjust some parameters of output file from the Mkv for Mac if you need. After you press "Start", a panel with parameters will pop up. For further details, you can refer to "advance" .
Lastly, if all steps above are completed, then you can tick "Ok" on the MKV joiner Mac to merge them.
The whole process can be finished in a few minutes. Later, you can choose to open the folder to enjoy the big MKV file.