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DIVX Joiner for Mac
DIVX joiner for Mac is a fabulous video-joining tool on Mac to combine numerous small Divx segments into a single one. Simple and intuitive interface about the DIVX joiner is warmly welcomed by its most users. Even a beginner can run this video-joining software very easily without any guide.
DivX is a very popular video format due to its ability to compress lengthy video segments into small sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality. DIVX is one of several codecs commonly associated with "ripping", whereby audio and video multimedia is transferred to a hard disk and trans coded. Many newer "DivX Certified" DVD players are able to play DivX encoded movies. They are also excluded from the base DivX encoding profiles for compatibility reasons.
Screenshot of DIVX joiner for Mac
DIVX joiner for Mac helps you to:
Join unlimited DIVX segments to a big video file.
Play the joined a big DIVX file composed of your favorite video parts without interruption on Mac OS.
Step-by-step Tutorial
1.Free download
Before start joining divx files, you need to download the Mac video joiner.
2.Install and add DIVX files
Follow instructions and install the divx joiner software. Then press "Add File" button to select DIVX files.
Tips: you can delete or clear by relevant buttons.
3.Merge DIVX segments
Before merging process with our divx joiner on Mac, you can adjust profile parameters to get ideal video/audio quality. Press "OK", the video-joining software will start joining files.
4. Enjoy combined files
After several minutes, you can enjoy the big non-stop DIVX video file without any interruption.